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Heartfelt Thanks "Beneath the Black Sea"
Summer 2000

I can't offer enough thanks to all of the people who have made this adventure possible, but here's a try: To George Bass, with his vision and financial backing to facilitate my return to Crimea; to the Archaeological Committee of INA for their official support of this expedition; to Monica Rodriguez of Texas A&M's Nautical Archaeology Program for cheerfully making all of my complicated travel arrangements; to Anatoly (Toly) Tcymbal and his employees at Nexus Ltd. in Kyiv for achieving the Herculean task of getting me registered with the proper authorities and off to Crimea; for Toly and his wife Maria for making my stay in Kyiv comfortable while my papers were processed; to Sergei Zelenko and his UARTC team for welcoming me into their expedition with open arms; to my family, who first instilled my taste for exploration and have offered nothing but support for my most questionable expeditions; and, of course, to my colleagues at ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine, who graciously picked up all of my end-of-issue editorial tasks and are doing all of the gruntwork of posting my adventures on the web while I loll around on the Crimean Riveria. Your send-off martinis and travel packs of beef jerky are greatly appreciated.

In addition, the Underwater Research and Training Center (UARTC) of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University would like to thank: Robert Stablaine and Julia Semenko of Kodak Ukraine, Kyiv; Natalia Balashova of Katran, and Yuri Uspensky of Katran Dive Club, Kyiv; Ludmila Kalashnikova of Gloria-Yur, Ltd., Kyiv; Yevgenia Stetsenko of the Ukrainian Geographical Journal; Alexandr Ustimenko of Gothik Ltd., Sevastopol; Oksana Nekrasova of Reebok, Kyiv; Octopus Magazine, Moscow. Special thanks go to Neonila Besnosenko of the Sevastopol Central Post Office; Leonid Solonko of Graal Ltd., Kyiv; and Anatoly Tcymbal of Nexus Ltd., Kyiv.

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