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In Their Own Words "Tales from a Civil War Prison"
August 30, 1999

Experience the gory chaos of battle, the chilling moment of capture, and the reality of prison life. Feel the reverberations of the Civil War echoing in the lives of prisoners and their families after the war, stretching to the present. Even in two of the modern signatures below, we can trace pride in family names.

Lieutenant William B. Hardy,
Private John Hardy, and
Private Andrew Hardy

War Stories
The Enemy Comes to Dinner
A Messmate Remembers

Lieutenant Elisha Miller Robinson
The Stories They Told

Lieutenant Colonel John W. Inzer
The Making of a Statesman
Prison Life

Reverend Doctor James Durham West
No Words
A Good Fighter and A Good Loser
The Capture
Edward W. Brown,
Theodore Z. Brown, and
Thomas W. Brown

I Won't Sign the Oath
Poor Ed

Captain Charles Norvell
They Ate Rats and Horses
A Mother Prays
Baskets of Delicacies

Lieutenant Charles Henry Burks and
Sergeant James Armstrong Burks

A Tale of Two Brothers
The Benchmarks of War

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