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Bulletin Board: In Their Own Words 1999

Charles E. Grogan / Johnson's Island prison

Posted by Gordon Silleck on October 09, 1999 at 14:31:16:

I would like to thank Archaeology Magazine (Hello Elizabeth!)for allowing my Great-Great uncle Charlie to be "the face" that represents all the untold stories of the prisioners held at the island during the Civil War. My relative was the first prisoner to successfully escape the island, by hiding himself under some straw in the barge that he was unloading that day, and escaped when the barge returned to Sandusky. From that point I dont'know what route he took to Baltimore. If anyone has more info or would like to know more about Charlie, please Email me.
Thanks also to David Bush and the facinating work he is doing, bringing history and long forgotten soldier's stories back to this life.

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