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Tales from a Civil War Prison August 30, 1999

Doing Time | Q&A | In Their Own Words | Bulletin Board

Follow Confederate POWs' accounts of prison life as the excavation of their barracks unfolds.

In our July/August issue, ARCHAEOLOGY ran Dave Bush's story "Doing Time," searching the archaeological evidence at Johnson's Island, a Civil War prisoner of war camp, for insight into prisoner survival strategies. Since then, Bush has received a steady stream of mail from descendants of prisoners with stories, photographs, and diaries to share. Journey with them back to the 1860s to uncover part of America's Civil War legacy.

Lieutenant Charles E. Grogan, an escapee from Johnson's Island
(Photo courtesy Gordon Silleck)

Explore the legacy of Johnson's Island:
"Doing Time." Read the abstract of the article that sparked memories of war stories heard long ago.
Q&A with the Archaeologist of Johnson's Island. Sit down with Dave Bush for the latest from the trenches. This season's focus: the barracks.
In Their Own Words. Slip back in time to the Civil War with diaries, letters, and other first-hand accounts of hardship, loyalty, suffering, and survival. Then hear from descendants striving to preserve their family heritage.
Bulletin Board. Swap Johnson's Island trivia. Meet descendants of prisoners and guards. Share your own family legacy. (Now inactive, read only)

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