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Sources on Mithraism

Beck, Roger. "Mithraism." Encyclopaedia Iranica. 2002. A good overview of Mithraism

Beck, Roger. The Religion of the Mithras Cult of the Roman Empire: Mysteries of the Unconquered Sun. 2006. Mithraic scholar Roger Beck discusses his studies and innovations in the field of Mithraic studies.

Beck, Roger. "Ritual, Myth, Doctrine, and Initiation in the Mysteries of Mithras: New Evidence from a Cult Vessel." In Beck on Mithraism: Collected Works with New Essays. 2004. Beck discusses the Mainz cup that has influenced his interpretation of Mithraic initiations.

Clauss, Manfred. The Roman Cult of Mithras: The God and His Mysteries. 2001. An excellent overview of all things Mithras, including his alleged Iranian origins

Cumont, Franz. The Mysteries of Mithra. 1903. The founder of Mithraic studies, Cumont wrote a masterpiece that is still worth the read, even if some of theories have been discounted.

David, Jonathan. "The Exclusion of Women in the Mithraic Mysteries: Ancient or Modern?" Numen. 2000. An interesting look into the belief that women were not allowed to participate in Mithraic rites

Griffith, Alison. "Mithraism." 1996. A helpful outline of Mithraism

Griffith, Alison. "A New Mithraeum in Hawarti, Syria." The Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies. 2000. Griffith interprets the strange finds at the Syrian Mithraeum from Hawarti.

"First Plenary Discussion." In Mithraic Studies: Proceedings of the First International Congress of Mithraic Studies, ed. John Hinnels. 1975. A transcription of a conversation between several Mithraic scholars, who discuss various topics, including the difference between Mithras and Sol Invictus

Martin, Luther. "Ritual Competence and Mithraic Ritual." In Religion as a Human Capacity: a Festschrift in Honor of E. Thomas Lawson, ed. Timothy Light and Brian C. Wilson. 2004. A discussion the ancients may have interpreted Mithraic ritual and the tauroctony

"Mithraeum Our Common Sun." This site goes into depth on the discoveries and contents of many Mithraea.

Sick, David H. "Mit(h)ra(s) and the Myths of the Sun." Numen. 2004. Sick discusses the literary and mythological parallels between Roman Mithras and Indo-Iranian Mitra.

"Topographical Dictionary." Ostia Antica. In-depth features on Mithraea in Ostia, complete with beautiful photos and discussions

Ulansey, David. The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries: Cosmology and Salvation in the Ancient World. 1989. Ulansey argues for the astrological interpretation of Mithraism and supports the conclusion that the tauroctony represents the constellation of Perseus.