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Further Reading "Bodies of the Bogs"

Through Nature to Eternity. The Bog Bodies of Northwest Europe.
by Wijnand van der Sanden

Amsterdam: Batavian Lion International, 1996.
ISBN 90-6707-4187.
Tel. 011-31-20-6446458; fax 011-31-20-642-1636.

Bog Bodies: New Discoveries and New Perspectives
edited by Richard Turner and Robert Scaife

London: British Museum Press, 1995.
ISBN 071-41-23-056.
Tel. 011-44-171-323-1234; fax 011-44-171-436-7315.

The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People
by Don Brothwell

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1987.
ISBN 0-674-07733-4.

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