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Alexander on Archaeology November 11, 2004


Welcome to ARCHAEOLOGY's gateway to Alexander the Great. The upcoming Oliver Stone film, due out this Thanksgiving, has fostered renewed interest in the Macedonian conqueror. Here we'll review the new film, plus take a look at a "classic" portrayal of Alexander by Richard Burton, and check out documentaries that are currently being broadcast or are available in DVD or VHS format. We'll also provide guides to the best resources on Alexander to be found in your library or bookstore and on the web.

Alexander in Hollywood

Alexander the Underwhelming
Seeds of greatness fail to germinate in Oliver Stone's cinematic look at the conqueror's life and legacy
by Mark Rose

Movie Commentary: Alexander
What does the director of films fraught with controversy and conspiracy do with the enigma of Alexander?
by Eugene N. Borza

Riding with Alexander
Eminent scholar Robin Lane Fox takes to horseback in the new Oliver Stone film.
by Mark Rose

Classic Alexander?
A look at an earlier film biography of the conqueror from the Golden Age of sword-and-sandal epics
by Eugene N. Borza

Alexander on TV

Alexander's Epic March
The vintage PBS series with Michael Wood offers stunning images of the conqueror's route through Egypt, the Near East, and Asia.
by Eugene N. Borza

Three Profs and a Conqueror
How does the History Channel's The True Story of Alexander the Great hold up?
by Eugene N. Borza


More Alexander

Who's Who & What Happened When?
A quick guide to the main characters in Alexander's life, and a basic chronology
by Mark Rose

The Forgotten Realm of Alexander (abstract)
Our November/December cover story explains how a poor former Soviet republic lies at the heart of the Macedonian conqueror's story.
by Kristin M. Romey

The Elusive Tomb of Alexander
The many expeditions--scientific and fringe--that have tried to find the location of Alexander's final resting place
by Robert S. Bianchi

Alexander on the Printed Page
The best books about Alexander

Alexander on the Web
A short guide to the conqueror in cyberspace

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