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Departments Volume 52 Number 6, November/December 1999

In This Issue
A Memorable Mill
The Legacy of Bethlehem Steel
by Peter A. Young
From the President
U.S. Should Not Retreat From the World Heritage Convention
The passage of HR 883 would strip the President of the power to name sites to the World Heritage List and shift it to Congress, an entity perhaps more susceptible to the pressure of interest groups.
by Nancy C. Wilkie
American Scene
Lewis & Clarkiana
Devotees of the "Great Captains" hold their annual jamboree.
by Jim Merritt
The World's Most Endangered Sites
The preservation of the world's cultural heritage is one of the most daunting tasks facing us.
by James Wiseman
Beyond Clovis
E. James Dixon's Bones, Boats, and Bison
reviewed by Mark Rose (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's bookstore for the latest list of new books.)
At the Museums
Egypt in America
A quartet of traveling shows celebrates the art of the pharaohs.
Reviewed by Angela M.H. Schuster (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of museum exhibitions.)
The Great Hopewell Mystery
Searching for the Great Hopewell Road, produced by Thomas M. Law, Pangea Productions Ltd. for American Public Television,
Reviewed by Ronald Hicks
Y2K is kid's stuff next to the brouhaha YØK might have wrought.
by Anthony Aveni

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