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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 52 Number 5, September/October 1999

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Cover-up at City Hall? Secrecy surrounds burials discovered in a corner of New York's City Hall Park.
Early Indus Script Discovery of sherds at Harappa confirm dates for discoveries of Early Indus script on pottery and in the impression of a square seal on a lump of clay.
Three-Ring Stonehenge Summer solstice observances at Stonehenge were marred by rowdies.
Etruscan Find A letter-sized bronze tablet has added greatly to our understanding of a little-known language.
Kennewick VI: The Saga Continues Three years after the discovery, the DOI has recommended further testing of the remains of Kennewick Man.
Human Footprints at Chauvet Cave Exploration of the Chauvet Cave in France has yielded the oldest footprints of modern humans.
Steinhardt Loses Appeal The decision on the disputed $1.2-million gold phiale is in.
Looters Foiled An archaeology enthusiast confronts looters at the Maya site of Blue Creek in Belize.

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