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Departments Volume 52 Number 4, July/August 1999

In This Issue
Earliest This, Latest That
Keeping up with the news in human evolution
by Peter A. Young
From the President
Science vs. Salvors
Sport divers and commercial salvors are destroying information that scientific excavation of shipwrecks can provide.
by Nancy C. Wilkie
Encounters with Ali Pasha
The life and times of an Ottoman despot
by James Wiseman
A Matter of Superior Spearpoints
Three new books examine North America's distinctive Clovis people.
Reviewed by Kenneth B. Tankersley (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's bookstore for the latest list of new books.)
At the Museums
A Walk Through Time
The Nubia Museum at Aswan chronicles one of Africa's most influential cultures.
Reviewed by Angela M.H. Schuster (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of museum exhibitions.)
Frozen in the Past
NOVA examines ancient bodies preserved in ice.
by Paul G. Bahn
My Ghost Town
A childhood haunt becomes a tourist attraction.
by Jenny Attiyeh

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