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Departments Volume 52 Number 3, May/June 1999

In This Issue
Quest for Roots
African archaeology comes of age
by Peter A. Young
From the President
Letter from Sri Lanka
There are many unanswered questions about Sri Lanka's past.
by Nancy C. Wilkie
Challenge of the Deep
An MIT conference assesses the new technology.
by James Wiseman
Chaco Death Squads
Two new books address prehistoric warfare in the Southwest; one suggests a reign of terror by a warrior cult from Mexico.
Reviewed by Stephen H. Lekson (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's bookstore for the latest list of new books.)
At the Museums
The Parthenon Marbles Custody Case
Did British restorers mutilate the famous sculptures?
by Shareen Blair Brysac (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of museum exhibitions.)
Is Archaeology Ready for Prime Time?
Digging and discovery as mass entertainment
by Neil Asher Silberman
Mood Music
Loreena McKennitt's music inspires an archaeologist.
by David Soren

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