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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 52 Number 2, March/April 1999

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The "Princess" of Ipatovo A rich Scythian-Sarmatian burial is discovered in southern Russia.
Hominid Discovery A nearly complete hominid skeleton is found in the lowest fossil-bearing layers of South Africa's Sterkfontein Cave.
Cattle Save Sculpture A barn full of cows and their dung cushioned the collapse of a Roman temple.
Jamestown's First Lady The burial of one of the New World's first English female colonists is excavated at Jamestown.
Neandertal Finds Fragment of the first recognized Neandertal and at least two pieces of a second skeleton are found in Germany.
Pot of Gold A jug containing Byzantine gold coins is unearthed in Israel.
Earliest Egyptian Glyphs Writing evolved simultaneously in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Prehistoric Miami Demolition of an apartment building leads to the discovery of a unique site in downtown Miami.
Early Portuguese Burial The first Palaeolithic burial ever excavated has yields the intact skeleton of a four-year-old child.
Phiale Appeal Heard Vincenzo Cammarata, the Italian coin dealer who previously possessed the phiale, is arrested in Sicily.
Bronze & Brass Hoard Three clay jars containing Islamic bronze and brass objects are recovered in Israel.

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