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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 52 Number 1, January/February 1999

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New Tomb at Teotihuacan A burial chamber containing what may be the remains of a retainer of an early ruler of Teotihuacan has been found within the Pyramid of the Moon.
Archimedes Manuscript Sold An American collector has purchased a tenth-century Byzantine manuscript over the objection of the Greek government and the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
Archaeology and the Talmud? The appointment of five orthodox rabbis to Israel's Archaeological Council has sparked fears of religious control of archaeological excavations.
Early Andean Metalworking Discoveries in Peru have pushed back the date of the earliest metalworking in the Andes to at least 1100 B.C.
Vintage Moscow Finds from an excavation in Old Gostiny Dvor will be displayed in a new subterranean museum.
Crete Airport Flap A private airport planned in Crete is drawing fire from the Association of Greek Archaeologists and the Greek chapter of the International Council on Monuments and Sites.
Maya Art Return The Denver Art Museum has returned a carved wooden lintel taken from the PetÚn region of Guatemala.
Sampling Monks Mound Investigation of a stone layer deep within Monks Mound has yielded more questions about the earthen pyramid at Cahokia, Illinois.
Redating the Madrid Codex European paper embedded in a page of the Madrid Codex may prove that it was made after the Spanish arrival in the New World.
Grave Decision The Monticello Association may revise its membership policy.
Latter-Day Shakers Ivestigations in central New Hampshire are providing evidence that late nineteenth-century Shakers were not the ascetics historians once believed them to be.
Mycenaean Citadel Investigated Greek archaeologists have uncovered the remains of one of the most important Mycenaean citadels outside the mainland.

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