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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 51 Number 6, November/December 1998

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Early Church at Aqaba The remains of the oldest known structure designed and built as a church have been found at the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba.
Golden Phiale Appeal Oral arguments over financier Michael Steinhardt's appeal in the case of a gold bowl claimed by Italy were scheduled to be heard this fall.
Laozi Debate The 1993 discovery of the oldest version of a seminal Daoist text in China has provoked scholarly debate about the origins of the Daoist and Confucian traditions.
Vintage Canal Boats Two canal boats in the James River & Kanawa Canal have been unearthed in Richmond, Virginia.
A Byzantine Plot? Ruins of the palace that was the seat of government for the eastern Roman and Byzantine empires for more than a millennium have been found beneath Istanbul's streets.
Jinmium Redated Results of radiocarbon and optical dating confirm that occupation debris in Australia's Jinmium Rockshelter is no more than 10,000 years old.
History in the Chapel Cellar Renovation of the eighteenth-century Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel has led to the discovery of the foundations of the first chapel built on the site in 1675.
Chauvet Study Begins The French government has finally expropriated the land around Chauvet Cave and allowed a team to begin a four-year research program.
Buhl Woman An 11,000-year-old skeleton of a woman found in Idaho in 1989 is yielding important information about Paleoindian skeletal morphology and diet.
Kennewick Update 2 After two years of wrangling, Kennewick Man will finally be subjected to a thorough examination.

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