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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 51 Number 5, September/October 1998

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Backflap Sting Smugglers transported a rare Moche artifact, known as a backflap, from New York to Philadelphia where they offered to sell it to undercover FBI agents.
To Farm, or Not to Farm The traditional view of the adoption of agriculture in the southwest United States and northwest Mexico may be too simple.
New Skull from Eritrea A million-year-old skull bearing traits associated with both Homo erectus and Homo sapiens has been found in the Afar region of Eritrea.
Gettysburg Battle Stiff opposition from two preservation groups has curtailed a National Park Service development plan for the Gettysburg National Military Park.
Gansu Getaway A man Chinese authorities say robbed a rich Han Dynasty burial of a dazzling bronze candelabrum escaped from a Gansu Province jail after bribing a warden with 500,000 yuan.
Colonial Dry Spell Tree-ring data suggest that a prolonged drought during the early colonial period in Virginia may have caused the collapse of the so-called Lost Colony of Roanoke and the near failure of the Jamestown settlement.
Digging Old Brooklyn Excavation of a historic house in the Flatlands section of southeastern Brooklyn is yielding new information about the transition of early farming communities from rural villages to urban neighborhoods.
Taíno Finds The well-preserved remains of a Taíno house have been found at Los Buchillones in Cuba's Ciego de Avila Province.
Maya Past Protected After more than ten years of negotiation, a 4,000-acre tract of tropical rain forest straddling the Belize-Guatemala border has been set aside for conservation and preservation.

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