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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 50 Number 5, September/October 1997

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Resurgent Resurgam The British government's Archaeological Diving Unit (ADU) has completed a survey of the Resurgam, the first successful engine-powered submarine, lost while under tow in a storm off Wales in 1880.
Neolithic Surgery A 7,000-year-old burial at Ensisheim, in the French region of Alsace, has yielded the earliest unequivocal evidence for trepanation.
New Mosaic A late first-century A.D. mosaic discovered in the town of Vasto, in Abruzzo, may be the largest one of Roman date in Italy.
Shandong Discoveries Two cemeteries at the Shang-period (ca. 1700-1100 B.C.) site of Qianzhangda, 15 miles south of Tengzhou in Shandong Province, eastern China, have yielded bronzes, jade, pottery, and intact chariots.
Benedict Arnold Gunboat A vessel that was part of a 15-ship squadron led by Benedict Arnold in a Lake Champlain engagement with a superior British fleet on October 11, 1776, has been found in the lake.
A New Species? Fossils from the Gran Dolina railway cut in northern Spain's Sierra Atapuerca are possibly from a hitherto unknown species of early human.
Neandertal DNA DNA study provides important information about when Neandertals and modern humans diverged from a common ancestor.
New Import Agreements The United States has signed an agreement with Peru to help protect that country's archaeological and ethnological heritage.
Anasazi Cannibalism? Human remains found at a twelfth-century A.D. site near Cowboy Wash in southwestern Colorado provide further evidence of cannibalism among the Anasazi.
Sotheby's Chastened Sotheby's has transferred its regular sales of antiquities and Indian art from London to New York, prompting the heads of the company's Antiquities and Indian and Islamic Art departments to resign.

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