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Field Notes Volume 49 Number 6, November/December 1996

Royal Heart Rediscovered The heart of Robert the Bruce, who liberated Scotland from England in 1306, has been rediscovered in a small cone-shaped reliquary at Melrose Abbey in northeastern Scotland after being lost for decades.
Skullduggery A skull claimed to be that of King Hintsa, a nineteenth-century ruler of South Africa's Xhosa tribe, proved to be that of a middle-aged Caucasian woman. Found in a cottage in Scotland, it was taken to Africa by Nicholas Gcaleka, who said ancestors in a dream told him where to look. The Xhosa have dismissed him as a charlatan.
Overdue Loans Concerned that Israel is losing artifacts to foreign universities, the Israel Antiquities Authority has cracked down on researchers who fail to return borrowed finds. From now on, archaeologists must demonstrate a compelling reason for taking items out of the country.
King William County Finds One hundred twelve Native American sites dating between ca. 6000 B.C. and the early seventeenth century have been found at a proposed 2,200-acre reservoir in King William County, Virginia. Concentrated in an area known as Cohoke Mill Swamp, the sites yielded pottery and stone tools.
Metro Tunnel Moved A tunnel for the Athens metro will be diverted more than 100 feet to the west of the Kerameikos, the most important cemetery of classical and Hellenistic Athens. Archaeologists claimed digging would harm the burials.

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