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Table of Contents Volume 49 Number 5, September/October 1996

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From the President


Wonders of Radar Imagery
By James Wiseman

Charlesfort Identified, Wind-Powered Furnaces, Maya King Unearthed, Neandertal News, Rare Buddhist Writings, Israel's Reburial Debate, World's Earliest Wine, Getty Gets Fleischman Collection, Pottery Bonanza, Jewelry Repatriated, Oldest North American Mummy, Celtic Masterpiece, The Mummies' Threads, Field Notes

The Great DNA Hunt
Genetic archaeology zeroes in on the origins of modern humans.
By Tabitha M. Powledge and
Mark Rose

Genealogy Of New Kingdom Pharaohs And Queens
By Scott Woodward

Dead Cities of the
Syrian Hill Country

The ruins of some 700 settlements have inspired romantic theories of sumptuous cities mysteriously abandoned.
By Clive Foss

12,000-year-old human bones from North Africa
The Great DNA

17th-century illustration of soldier in Puerto Rico
Legacy of Fort

Colossal 5th-century A.D. Buddha head at Yungang, China
Buddhas of Cloud

6th-century A.D. incense burner from Caracol, Belize
A Mighty Maya

Legacy of Fort Mose
A Florida marsh yields the remains of colonial America's first free black settlement.
By Darcie MacMahon and
Kathleen Deagan

Buddhas of Cloud Hill
China's earliest cave-temples attest the imperial ambitions, religious sentiments, and sculptural artistry of a fledgling dynasty.
By James O. Caswell

A Mighty Maya Nation
How Caracol built an empire by cultivating its "middle class"
By Arlen F. Chase and
Diane Z. Chase

At the Museums
Faking It
By Angela M.H. Schuster

Re-creating the Temple of Athena
By Spencer P.M. Harrington

Digitizing the Ancient Near East
By Neil Asher Silberman

Letter from Ontario
A Finite Iroquoian Legacy
By Brian Fagan

Further Reading

Classics for the Masses?
By Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

Photos, from top: 12,000-year-old human bones from North Africa in sealed vials (C. Munoz- Yague/Eurelios); seventeenth-century illustration showing a soldier in Puerto Rico (Archivo General de Indias, Seville); colossal fifth-century A.D. Buddha head at Yungang, China (Larry Gartenstein); and sixth-century A.D. incense burner from Caracol, Belize (R. Spencer, Caracol Archaeological Project).

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