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Table of Contents Volume 49 Number 4, July/August 1996

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From the President


Space Missions and Ground Truth
By James Wiseman

Peopling of South America, Imperial Jade Shroud, Ancient Canoes Found, Who's Buried in Margarita's Tomb?, Shootin' & Drinkin', Sodom and Gomorrah Update, Roman Coin Hoard, Dao in Dialogue, Early Honduran Village Life, Maronite Mummies, Field Notes

The Ancient Olympics

Winning at Olympia
New studies challenge traditional notions about greek athletes and why they competed.
by Donald G. Kyle

Myths About the Olympics
by David C. Young

Games for Girls
by Thomas F. Scanlon

Stadia and Starting Gates
by Hugh M. Lee

Probing the Depths of Venice
Ancient sediments yield evidence of the islands' first settlers.
By Albert J. Ammerman

The Ancient

Probing the Depths
of Venice

Beirut Digs Out

Annual Cruise

Special Report

Beirut Digs Out
Developers vie with archaeologists over the future of a 5,000-year-old city.
By Marilyn Raschka

The Price of Progress
How short-sighted government policies favored development at the expense of archaeology
By Albert F.H. Naccache

Annual Cruise Report

Seeing with Maya Eyes
A vernal-equinox appearance of the feathered serpent highlights a seven-day cruise to Yucatán.
By Andrew L. Slayman

Cruise Directory

At the Museums
Ghosts of 'Ain Ghazal
By Angela M.H. Schuster

Palaeolithic Masterpieces
By Brian Fagan

Exposing the Holy Land
By Peter S. Allen

Further Reading

Murders Most Foul
By Spencer P.M. Harrington

Photos, from top: ancient runners, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1914 (14.130.12); early Venice, Magnus Edizioni; Byzantine address mosaic, Marilyn Raschka; Chichén Itzá's Castillo, George T. Keene.

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