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Table of Contents Volume 49 Number 2, March/April 1996

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From the President


Floods Threaten Thai Monuments, Repatriation Standoff, Rock Art Saved, Museum Policy Change, Red Sea Wreck, Central African Hominid, Old Mobile Dispute, Field Notes

Special Report
Excavating MIAs
By Brenda Smiley

To Your Health!
By James Wiseman

Sanctuary of the Gods
Scholars unearth exquisite evidence of cults that flourished at the sacred Macedonian city of Dion.
By Spencer P.M. Harrington

Denizens of the Desert
Geophysical imaging maps subterranean settlements in the hard hillsides of Israel's Negev Desert.
By Thomas E. Levy, Alan J. Witten, and David Alon

Travel Guide to Northern Europe
Compiled by Lara Asher

Museum Under Seige
Attacked and looted by warring factions, Afghanistan's National Museum has now been stripped of 70 percent of its collections.
By Nancy Hatch Dupree

Chinese Pig Tales
A popular tradition mirrors a people's ambivalent feelings about swine.
By Ka Bo Tsang

At the Museums
The Elusive Olmec
By Angela M.H. Schuster

The Genius of Hadrian
By Alexander Wallace

Saving a Critical Legacy
By Peter S. Allen

Further Reading

By Jessica E. Saraceni

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