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An underwater trail of the submerged archaeological evidence of the Battle of Saipan, Marianas Islands, one of the turning points in the Pacific theater of operations

This video was shot in June 2010 during archaeological investigations off the island of Saipan carried out by Ships of Discovery and Flinders University under an American Battlefield Protection Program Grant. Maritime archaeologist and project leader Jennifer McKinnon has worked to survey a 12-mile-stretch of Saipan's lagoons. This video tour shows vehicles, aircraft, and weapons submerged since the war.

These sites are being investigated and documented in an effort to understand how they were involved in the Battle of Saipan. Another facet of the research project is to develop a public outreach program by incorporating several of the more frequently visited sites into an underwater heritage trail for snorkelers and divers to visit.

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Slideshow 1Slideshow: The Submerged Evidence of the Battle of Saipan

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