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from the trenches
From the Trenches Volume 62 Number 1, January/February 2009

News and Notes from the World of Archaeology


Lusitania's Secret Cargo
A team has recovered live ammunition from the wreck.

Armadillos Scramble the Past
A study looking at how animals can jumble the layering of an archaeological site won an Ig Nobel Award.

Inhaling History
Psychedelic finds in South America and the Caribbean.

World Roundup
Recent discoveries around the globe

Off the Grid
If you're heading to northern California, Sonoma State University archaeologist Adrian Praetzellis recommends a stop at Jack London State Historic Park.

Eternal Egypt

The Revolution Will Be Civilized

A Story of Four Crows

A General's Tomb
   Several large marble columns and friezes from a collapsed tomb preserved by the slime of the Tiber River were recently uncovered north of Rome. Scholars examined more than 10 inscriptions on the tomb, and discovered they told the story of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, a prominent second century A.D. general from northern Italy. Macrinus was a magistrate, police commissioner, proconsul of Asia, and a close advisor to the emperor Marcus Aurelius. He was also one of the inspirations for Maxiumus Decimus Meridius, the gruff protagonist of the movie Gladiator.
—Jarrett A. Lobell