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Table of Contents Volume 60 Number 2, March/April 2007



A New Look at the Olmec
Younger scholars are looking beyond age-old feuds and finally asking the right questions about the Olmec
by Andrew Lawler

Curse of the Stolen Cloak
A rare Roman tablet in England calls for a thief's death
by Jason Urbanus

A Different History
After 40 years of digging, a scientist now sees the past through Native American eyes
by Tom Gidwitz

Forest of Broken Urns
Borneo's unexplored past is dying by the chainsaw
by Karen J. Coates

Betraying the Maya
Who does the violence in Apocalypto really hurt?
by David Freidel

The Antikythera Mystery
New imaging technology reveals the soul of the world's first computer
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Iceland's Unwritten Saga
Did Viking settlers pillage their environment?
by Zach Zorich


In This Issue
Altering the Past
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Dressed for Success
Honoring an Etruscan Ambassador
by C. Brian Rose

The battle for last place, Colt .45s, seizing cultural heritage, and Jersey boy

From the Trenches
St. Paul's coffin, raiders of the old-folks' home, fake eyeballs, Russian Vishnu, an unmysterious bankruptcy, Chinese bribery, turtle vs. python, Neanderthal hunting party, plumbing the secrets of an ancient toilet, Peru's national knives, and counting on war

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and archaeology? A high-school teacher makes his own curriculum

Israel cuts off excavation teams that keep their finds to themselves

Letter from Bahia
Searching for mining wildcatters on Brazil's diamond frontier

What We Learn
The world can be found in the amber necklaces of a Chinese princess.

On the Cover: Colossal stone head (Olmec, 1200-400 B.C.) from La Venta in Tabasco, Mexico (©Boltin Picture Library/The Bridgeman Art Library)

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