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Table of Contents Volume 60 Number 1, January/February 2007


Messages from the Dead
Inside the final days of a doomed Bronze Age city
by Marco Merola

The New Face of Evolution
A 3.3-million-year-old child raises the question: Did our early ancestors walk or climb their way to becoming human?
by Zach Zorich


Mapping an Underwater World
Digital modeling re-creates submerged Neolithic riverscapes
by Mike Pitts

Hiking with Hannibal
Hot on the icy trail of an ancient general
by Ulrich Boser

Peru's Mummy Dogs
Are the country's beloved pets descendants of ancient llama herders?
by Roger Atwood

The Last Invasion
A forgotten Georgia fort marks the final foreign occupation of the mainland U.S.
by Mike Toner

The Lure of Móo
A Victorian archaeologist's obsession with a fictitious Maya queen
by Sean McDaniel


From the President
Passing the Torch
A new president takes the helm
by Jane C. Waldbaum

In This Issue
Our New Look
by Peter A. Young

Claims of brutality, German Junkers, pale and toussled Neanderthals, and life in a stack-clan

From the Trenches
Top 10 discoveries, things to do with your body when you're dead, early autopsy, cursed Egyptian dentists, an angry Aztec rain god, Jamestown revisited, ancient horse manure, Russian mafia mammoths, reburying Pompeii, Ukrainian pyramids, and a bevy of Syrian finds

The technical advisor behind Apocalypto talks about Mel Gibson, murder, and the Maya

Archaeologists put their careers on the line to work in political no-go zones

Reshaping Waterloo: history, archaeology, and the European heritage industry

What We Learn
A big block of the New World's first written language

On the Cover: 3.3-million-year-old afarensis child found in Ethiopia (Reuters/Euan Denholm)

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