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Table of Contents Volume 59 Number 6, November/December 2006

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Scots on the Rocks
Mountaineering archaeologists reach new heights of discovery
by Kate Ravilious

The Neanderthal Code
Will an extinct genome reveal what makes us human?
by Michael Dumiak


A Community's Roots
With Frederick Douglass's help, the past and present come together on a Maryland plantation
by Samir S. Patel

Rock in the Fuselage
The "excavation" of a Nazi bomber exposes sabotage
by P. J. Capelotti

Damming Sudan
Global apathy threatens a way of life and an unexpectedly rich heritage
by Andrew Lawler

Surprise Finds in Tequila Country
Amid the agave plants, a sophisticated civilization emerges
by Julian Smith


From the President
Many Happy Returns full
By repatriating disputed antiquities, museums will be able to bring even more of the ancient world to the public.
by Jane C. Waldbaum

In This Issue
Tears in Their Eyes
by Peter A. Young

Secrets of the "Muffin Man," bog Psalms, Aztec cannibal revenge, Scotland Yard's cat-faced sea-god, a furry Mongolian, ancient Aussie sprinters, the moundbuilder's country club, and a Polynesian archaeology bonanza

Saved by Sand full

Giuma Anag invites archaeologists to Libya

Reinventing George Washington, drive-by history, getting wet in ancient Egypt, the goose chase for Alexander's tomb, and editors' picks

Letter from Kashmir
A Crumbling Legacy

War runs roughshod over a rich and varied cultural heritage, as seen by someone who grew up there
by Basharat Peer

On the Cover: This reconstruction of a Neanderthal child was based on finds in Gibraltar, which is believed to be among the last places where Neanderthals survived. (© Philippe Plailly/eurelios, Reconstruction Atelier Daynes)

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