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Table of Contents Volume 59 Number 5, September/October 2006

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The Next 50 Years
Will it be the Golden Age of Archaeology?
by Brian Fagan


Africa's First Bananas
A new discovery peels back the history of our favorite fruit.
by Peter Robertshaw

Deconstructing a Maya Pyramid
El Salvador rediscovers its past beneath a layer of concrete.
by Roger Atwood

Flights of Fancy
In an early Etruscan tomb, an artist created an exotic bestiary
by Marco Merola

Opening Franco's Graves
The victims of Spain's fascist past are beginning to tell their stories
by Mike Elkin

Egypt's Ageless Goddess
A modern pilgrim visits the temple of Mut
by Jennifer Pinkowski


From the President
The Benefits of Membership full
Why you should join the AIA
by Jane C. Waldbaum

In This Issue
Great Coverups
by Peter A. Young

The first jewelry, a Forum find, suing Wal-Mart, natty legionnaires, blond mammoths, Persians and Kurds in China, from the Getty to Greece, and Nelson Mandela's gun

Field of Dreams full

Stuart Wilson on amateur archaeology and picnicking on your very own dig site

"The Maya Paris," getting "civilised," Fagan on travel writing, revealing rubbish, stinking like the ancients, Jews and Jesus, and editors' picks

Letter from Russian America
Unearthing America's Czarist Heritage

It was no "red dawn," but Russians had an early colonial foothold in America, trading furs and folktales.

On the Cover: This animal effigy, made of gilded copper by the Moche (A.D. 150-750), was found in the temple of the Moon in northern Peru. (Steve Bourget/Courtesy Santiago Uceda, Proyecto Arqueologico Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, Trujillo, Peru)

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