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Index of Reviews Volume 59 Number 2, March/April 2006

Getty Villa Reopens
Visitors can navigate the newly renovated Getty Villa more easily, and new skylights and windows bring a pleasantly open feel.

Archaeology's Interior World
Archaeology functions as both a real presence and as a metaphor in Russell Martin's novel, The Sorrow of Archaeology.

But Did She Inhale?
In The Oracle, William J. Broad profiles a team of scientists as they reveal the greatest secret of the Oracle of Delphi.

Rethinking Jewish Art
Tree of Paradise describes the discovery of a sixth-century synagogue at Hamman Lif in Tunisia and how it helped to revolutionize the way scholars see ancient Jewish art.

Songs Without Words
Neandertals may not have mastered art or language, but they were maestros of music, according to Steven Mithen in The Singing Neanderthals.

Channeling Archaeology
The Archaeology Channel is a moderately sized but content-rich website offering a small but growing collection of some 65 free videos.

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