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Table of Contents Volume 59 Number 1, January/February 2006

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Mysterious Mongolia
Seeking clues to ancient nomadic life at the edge of the Arctic
by Eric A. Powell


A Native Take on Jamestown
Four centuries later, the colony still provokes debate (and just what was the deal with Pocahontas?)
by Sandra Scham

In Search of Ancient Earthquakes
Can archaeologists help predict the next big one?
by Lois Wingerson

Alexander, Piece by Piece
Replicating a famous Roman mosaic
by Marco Merola

The Americas' First Colony?
A possible Olmec outpost in southern Mexico
by David Cheetham

A City by the Sea
Early urban planning on Mexico's Pacific coast
by Jennifer Pinkowski


In This Issue
In the Land of the Reindeer Herders
by Peter A. Young

From the President
1906: A Remarkable Year for Archaeology full
Celebrating the anniversary of two important acts of Congress
by Jane C. Waldbaum

Lima's oldest (and headless) mummy, Rome has crabs, the Curse of Ötzi, the Oregon fort of Lewis and Clark, Harriet Tubman's army raid, and lions at the Tower of London

Site Q Discovered! full

Epigrapher Stanley Guenter on finally identifying Site Q, Maya archaeology's missing city

The real David and Solomon, the Persian Empire rises again, Moche artifacts at Harvard, sepia-toned sites in the Mediterranean, Egypt's famous female pharaoh, rethinking the New World, and editors' picks

Letter From the Southwest
Guardians of the Past

Volunteer stewards are crucial to protecting sites.
by Deborah M. Norman

On the Cover: Dating to perhaps 900 B.C., this Bronze Age megalith in Mongolia's Hovskol region is one of more than 500 "deer stones" that dominate the archaeological landscape of the country's subarctic frontier. (Photograph by Thomas L. Kelly)

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