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Index of Reviews Volume 58 Number 6, November/December 2005

All Eyes on Iraq
Authors who care deeply about the fate of Iraq's archaeological heritage portray Operation Iraqi Freedom as a setback to the scholarship of human history.

Saga of the Lost Roman Legions
Tony Clunn in relates his discovery of 105 Roman denarii near Kalkriese, Germany, and what followed in The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions.

Interacting With the Past
The British Museum's "Ancient Civilizations" website is an excellent way to bring archaeology to the home or classroom and to make the ancient world compelling.

Neolithic Spirit Realms
In Inside the Neolithic Mind, David Lewis-Williams and David Pearce argue that the shamanistic religious world dominated the lives of the first farmers of the Near East and Europe.

Living the Legends
British filmmaker and historian Michael Wood's journey across the Himalayas to find Shangri-la is a prime attraction of his four-hour series, In Search of Myths & Heroes.

Wild West Saloon Life
Archaeologist Kelly Dixon's Boomtown Saloons is a compelling look at these establishments in one of the biggest mining towns in the nineteenth-century West.

Gods and Rulers
Lords of Creation, a new exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, brings together a magnificent array of objects related to the theme of sacred kingship among the Late Preclassic and Early Classic Maya.

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