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Table of Contents Volume 58 Number 6, November/December 2005

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Under Downtown Prague
The Czech Republic's biggest excavation reveals layers of history.
by Nick Holdsworth

Diving into History
The National Park Service's elite team of underwater archaeologists safeguards our nation's sunken treasures.
by Julian Smith

When Giants Roamed the Earth full
In the golden age of hoaxes, petrified men came to life.
by Mark Rose

Temple of the Sun
Celebrating 100 years of excavation at Mexico's Teotihuacan
by Jorge Pérez de Lara


Where was Jesus Born?
Theologians question biblical accounts of the Nativity. Now archaeologists are doing the same.
by Aviram Oshri


In This Issue
Questions about Jesus' Birthplace
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Tell it to the Marines... full
Teaching troops about cultural heritage
by Jane C. Waldbaum

Napoleon's soldiers in Belarus, a well-preserved underwater forest, preindustrial polluters, drug addicts dig arrowheads, and King David's palace--perhaps

String Theorist full

Gary Urton unties one knot in the puzzle of khipu, the undeciphered accounting system used by the Inca Empire

The best of books on Iraq, a Roman defeat in Germany, boozing in a boomtown, the origins of sacred kingship among the Maya, seeking Shangri-la, and editors' picks

Letter From Florida
Homeless Collections

What happens to artifacts when they have no place to go?
by Jerald T. Milanich

On the Cover: Standing three and one-half inches tall, this female clay figure from the great Mexican city of Teotihuacan (A.D. 200-650) is depicted wearing a huipil, a traditional Mesoamerican blouse still worn today. (Photograph by Justin Kerr)

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