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Index of Reviews Volume 58 Number 3, May/June 2005

Tutankhamun Returns
Egyptologist Aidan Dodson reports from Bonn on the exhibition now headed to the U.S.

Adventures in Andean Archaeology
Johan Reinhard's The Ice Maiden combines adventure writing and insights into Inca culture with an introduction to the rigors and rewards of high-altitude archaeology.

A Brilliant Afterlife
"Providing for the Afterlife: 'Brilliant Artifacts' from Shandong" is an impressive collection that suggests the Han elite believed you really could take it with you.

Geology Meets Archaeology
Hot Rocks, a six-part series on The Science Channel, is a lively mix of travel, science, and history.

Chaco Canyon in Cyberspace
Chaco Canyon, 70 miles from the nearest town in a remote area of New Mexico, is more accessible via the website

Precolumbian Odyssey
The Kelemen Journals provides a window on a time when Maya sites lay largely cloaked in jungle and the Inca's Machu Picchu was visited only by a curious few.

Jack London, Paleoanthropologist
Before Adam is a rousing adventure full of vivid battles between hominid groups, struggles against saber-toothed cats and wild boars, and fascinating glimpses of key points in human evolutionary development.

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