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Table of Contents Volume 58 Number 3, May/June 2005

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Treasures of Tanis
Royal riches discovered during World War II rival those of Tutankhamun, but remain virtually unknown
by Bob Brier


The Devil in the Details
What are Brazilian war clubs and Pacific seashells doing in 400-year-old engravings of Florida Indians?
by Jerald T. Milanich

Neolithic France
In a tomb undisturbed for 6,000 years, archaeologists encounter an unexpected world
by Jennifer Pinkowski

Turtle Dives Again
Re-creating George Washington's revolutionary submarine
by Tom Gidwitz

The Dead of Snake Hill
A man's search for his grandfather sparks an unusually moving excavation along the New Jersey Turnpike
by Kristin M. Romey


In This Issue
Written in the Bones
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Helping Hand for China full
Stemming the looting of sites by cutting off a major market
by Jane C. Waldbaum

Focus on Iran, drug smugglers threaten Piedras Negras, ancient skeletons in a Welsh closet, a bevy of brothels, Germany's Neandertal-chimp scandal, and much more

Return of Gilgamesh full

Translator Stephen Mitchell on his new adaptation of the world's oldest page turner

Tut crosses the pond, web surfing Chaco Canyon, Jack London's hominids, and editors' picks

Letter From England
Rescuing an Old Dig

Women warriors from beyond the Danube and complex burial rituals are among the unexpected finds at a Roman military cemetery
by Hilary Cool

On the Cover: The silver coffin of the Pharaoh Psusennes I (r. 1034-981 B.C.) was found at Tanis, in the Nile Delta, during excavations by Pierre Montet in 1940. Psusennes' mummy, wearing a gold face mask, was placed in this silver coffin, which was in turn encased in two stone sarcophagi. (Photograph by Araldo de Luca)

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