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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 57 Number 5, September/October 2004

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Abruzzo's Lush Afterlife Italian archaeologists are heralding two unusual discoveries in the country's east-central Abruzzo region.
Abu Dhabi Discovery A pottery vessel discovered at the oldest, best-preserved Neolithic village in eastern Arabia may be evidence of early trade.
Swindle Solved A geologist has finally closed the book on a notorious swindle by analyzing drops of molten lead from a sixteenth-century site on an Arctic island.
Damaged Fresco Restored Restoration of a seriously damaged fresco stolen in spring 2003 from Pompeii's House of the Chaste Lovers has been completed.
Stocking the Paleolithic Pantry Paleolithic people gathered wild grasses, including cereals like wheat and barley, at least 10,000 years earlier than previously known.
Modern Humans: Older, Wiser When grandparents lived long enough to pass on the knowledge they gained from extended lifespans, modern humans made a huge evolutionary leap.
Artifacts to be Returned to Cyprus The Munich state court has now ruled that antiquities seized by authorities in 1997 should go back to Cyprus.
Leather Men Rock art in Colorado and Kansas has offered up evidence for armored calvary among the Plains Indians.

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