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Table of Contents Volume 57 Number 3, May/June 2004

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Diving the Maya Underworld
An adventure in the sacrificial sinkholes of the Yucatán jungle
by Kristin M. Romey


In Flanders Fields
Uncovering the carnage of World War I
by Neil Asher Silberman

Hidden History of Ralston Heights
The story of New Jersey's failed "Garden of Eden"
by Janet Six

Was There a Trojan War? full
Troy's chief archaeologist weighs in on the Western world's most mythic battle
by Manfred Korfmann

A Novel Legacy
How two archaeologists turned their passion for the past into bestsellers
by Eric A. Powell

Iran Beckons
A surprise invitation to foreign archaeologists to return and resume work
by Andrew Lawler


In This Issue
Risky Business
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Double Standard?
Helping Iraq while ignoring Afghanistan
by Jane C. Waldbaum


Achilles at the Gates!

A respected comic-book artist tackles the Trojan War


Letter from Cambodia
Night Shift

Camping out at Preah Khan
by Karen J. Coates

On the Cover: Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda with the skull of a sacrifice victim in a Yucatán cenote, or sinkhole. Offerings to the Maya rain god Chac--in the form of pots, animals, and people--are often found in cenotes. (Photograph by Melisa French)

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