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Further Reading Volume 57 Number 1, January/February 2004

Egyptomania (page 16)
   The Bible of Egyptomania is the catalogue of the most spectacular exhibition ever on the subject: Egyptomania by J.-M. Humbert (Ottowa: National Gallery of Canada, 1994). Two other excellent books have the same title. The Egyptian Revival by Richard G. Carrott (Berkeley: University of California, 1978) and The Egyptian Revival by James Stevens Curl (London: Allen & Unwin, 1982).

City of Poseidon (page 40)
   The Helike Project maintains an active website at A classic article on Helike appeared in the pages of ARCHAEOLOGY in 1960: S. Marinatos, "Helice: a submerged town of Classical Greece," ARCHAEOLOGY 13, 186-193 (1960). The article is a great summation of research to the time, with a geological and historical overview.

Osceola's Head (page 48)
   P.R. Wickman's Osceola's Legacy (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1989) surveys the artifacts left behind by the great Seminole chief. "The Search for Osceola," in Fifty Years of Southeastern Archaeology: Selected Works of John W. Griffin, edited by P. C. Griffin (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1996) shows how archaeology has made substantial contributions to our understanding of Osceola's legacy. For information on the Seminole see B.R. Weisman's Like Beads on a String: A Culture History of the Seminole Indians in North Peninsular Florida. (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1992).

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