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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 56 Number 6, November/December 2003

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Pre-Christian Rituals at Nazareth Archaeological investigations near Nazareth have revealed that the area was a major cult center 8,000 years before the time of Christ.
Tilya Tepe Triumph A remarkable ancient treasure with a dramatic history has been found safe in a Kabul bank vault after 14 years.
Lake Mead Drought A four-year drought has exposed St. Thomas, Nevada, a town founded by Mormon settlers in 1865.
WWII Resurfaces The Danube fell to its lowest levels in centuries this summer, revealing a previously submerged WWII past.
Amputee Art A major debate that has raged in the world of prehistoric art took a new twist with the recent discovery of a ritual deposit containing two adult finger bones in a cave in southern Poland.
Starter Home A jumble of rocks atop a Colorado mesa top may be evidence for a 12,000-year-old house, probably built by the Folsom Paleoindian people.
Viking Hoard The largest and best-quality Viking hoard yet found on the Isle of Man has been discovered by a metal detectorist.
Olympic Find A previously unknown sanctuary to Zeus Hypsistos was discovered during excavations at Dion.
Breast Is Best Breastfeeding proponents will hail the results of tests on tenth- to sixteenth-century bones.
Ayodhya Update The Archaeological Survey of India reports that its excavations have revealed evidence for a tenth-century Hindu temple at the site of the sixteenth-century Babri Masjid.

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