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Table of Contents Volume 56 Number 4, July/August 2003

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Cover Story

Pompeii's Block of Time
Four centuries of Roman life are recovered from a single city block.
by Rick Jones

Voices From the Ashes
A former excavator returns to Pompeii as a visitor, and finds that the people she's studied for years still speak to her.
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Focus on Iraq

Spoils of War full
The plundering of Iraq's cultural institutions demonstrates yet again how warfare fuels the international trade in looted antiquities.
by Neil Brodie

Where Civilization Began full
McGuire Gibson, an authority on Mesopotamian archaeology, talks about his work in Iraq and the sacking of Baghdad's museums.

Further Reading



Reviving a Radiant Canvas
Restored 1500-year-old murals vividly depict the daily lives of Mexico's Teotihuacanos.
by Mark Sullivan

A River Rising
Time runs out for towns and monuments in the path of China's Three Gorges Dam.
by Jeffrey Austin

Back to the Old Place
A Texas plantation yields remarkable artifacts and hints about an unsavory family history.
by Julie Powell

Man of 1,000 Faces
The forensic genius of Mikhail Gerasimov, Russia's first "Face Finder"
by Eve Conant


In This Issue
The "Crime of the Century"?
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Iraq's Plundered Past
by Jane C. Waldbaum


Conversations: "Finding Artifacts is Not Archaeology" full
An underwater pioneer reflects on his past and looks to the future.


Letter from Germany: Atlantis of the Baltic
Searching for a vanished city that flourished during northern Europe's not-so-Dark Ages
by Shareen Blair Brysac

On the Cover: A bejeweled Roman woman stares out from a fresco in Pompeii's first-century A.D. House of Fabius Rufus. This rarely seen portrait, painted over a door frame, is in a building that has not been open to the public for many years. Photograph by Jason Urbanus/SAP

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