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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 56 Number 3, May/June 2003

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Bountiful Celtic Burials A necropolis found along the sandy banks of the Aisne River may be the final piece of the puzzle for archaeologists trying to identify a Celtic tribe in the Picardie region of northern France.
Stolen Sarcophagus Italian police are still searching for a missing side from a sarcophagus illegally excavated in the 1970s.
Gourd Lord A four-thousand-year-old gourd fragment found on the Peruvian coast may push back the appearance of ancient Andean religion by a thousand years.
Dig before Depot The eighteenth-century Philadelphia house of James Dexter will not lie forgotten beneath a planned tour bus depot.
Silk Road Theft In the remote Lop Nur desert of northwest China, ancient tombs have been ransacked for the second time in two years.
Yo Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Vinum A remarkable discovery in Monte di Procida near Naples should help us learn about Roman sailors.
A Younger Mungo Man Mungo Man, Australia's oldest skeleton, may be twenty thousand years younger than thought.
Crisis Archaeology A court-ordered excavation has begun at the site of the sixteenth-century Babri mosque in the northern town of Ayodhya.

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