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Table of Contents Volume 56 Number 2, March/April 2003

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In This Issue
A Trip round the World, Every Day
by Peter A. Young

From the President
And the Winner is...
by Jane C. Waldbaum


Conversations: A Singularly Human Pursuit
Linguist Andrew Robinson reflects on the puzzle of undeciphered ancient scripts.

Letter from Baluchistan: The Guns of Mehrgarh
Tribal feuds imperil one of South Asia's most ancient sites.
by Massoud Ansari


Cover Story

Mystery Mummy
A royal body may be that of Rameses I, but can we ever be sure?
by Mark Rose



What Can We Learn From a Maya Vase?
Hi-tech analysis enables once-enigmatic vessels to tell their tales.
by Dorie Reents-Budet and Ronald Bishop

The Pepper Wreck
Archaeologists reconstruct the story of a ship that nearly made it home.
by Filipe Castro

Warriors of Clay full
China's most recently discovered terra-cotta army
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Searching for the First New Zealanders
Can rats rewrite Pacific history?
by Eric A. Powell

When Spells Worked Magic full
In ancient times, a curse could help you win in the stadium or the courts.
by Christopher A. Faraone

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On the Cover: A mummy now at Emory University in Atlanta may be that of a pharaoh, but identifying which one may prove impossible. It is slated to return to Egypt later this year. Photo ©Robin Davis, courtesy Michael C. Carlos Museum

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