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Table of Contents Volume 56 Number 1, January/February 2003

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In This Issue
Adventures in Discovery
by Peter A. Young

From the President
In the Shadow of War
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Conversations: Archaeology and the Black Experience
Archaeologist Anna Agbe-Davies looks at why there are so few black archaeologists.

Letter from Mexico: Gods of Yucatán
How the Maya adapted to the religion of their Spanish conquerors
by Colleen P. Popson


Cover Story

Guardians of the Dead
Peru's citizens' brigades patrol a coastal landscape in an effort to curb a growing national industry--looting.
by Roger Atwood



Lifeline to Byzantium
Tracking the ancient world's longest aqueduct, which sustained Constantinople for eight centuries
by Kristin M. Romey

Fortress on the Hudson
Crumbling ruins are all that's left of the arsenal and summer home of an enterprising American arms dealer.
by Eric A. Powell

Relics of the Kamikaze full
Excavations off Japan's coast are uncovering Kublai Khan's ill-fated invasion fleet.
by James P. Delgado

Remembering Chelmno
Heart-wrenching finds from a Nazi death camp
by Juliet Golden

Further Reading

On the Cover: Detail of a Peruvian mantle (ca. A.D. 50-100) depicts a dancer dressed as a shark and holding a trophy head. The textile was excavated with a mummy bundle from the Necrópolis de Wari Kayan on the Paracas Peninsula.

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