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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 55 Number 6, November/December 2002

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Summer of Wrecks A number of underwater discoveries and projects have given nautical archaeologists plenty to ponder this season.
Archaeologists 2, Footballers 0 Two Roman villas were discovered beneath a school's football field in southern England.
Baby Buddhas At the end of August in Cambodia, monks clearing land next to a centuries-old pagoda discovered 31 tiny Buddha statues.
A Colorful Surprise Recent renovations at a flour factory in a southern suburb of Beijing exposed two tombs from the Liao Dynasty.
Recovering Genius Excavations this past summer at Thomas Alva Edison's New Jersey laboratory complex have uncovered some of the historic landmark's structural remains.
Hunters Horse Around An anonymous group of disgruntled hunters have taken to the English countryside and used the chalk figures of the Bronze-Age Uffington Horse and the nineteenth-century White Horse of Kilburn as billboards to advertise their cause.

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