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Table of Contents Volume 55 Number 6, November/December 2002

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In This Issue
Egyptian Wonders
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Damming the Past
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Conversations: Last Word on Kennewick Man?
Archaeologist James Chatters' thoughts on the recent Kennewick Man ruling

Letter from Peru: Andean Odyssey
Scouring the mountains of northern Peru for the source of the remarkable Yauya stela
by Richard L. Burger

On the Cover: A steatite icon of the Virgin with the baby Jesus, ca. eleventh-twelfth century A.D., from Chersonesos. Photo: Chris Williams, ©2001, ICA


Cover Story

Legacies of a Slavic Pompeii
In the post-Soviet era, both priests and prehistorians have a stake in the future of a once-resplendent ancient city.
by Kristin M. Romey


Further Reading


Tales from Storyville
Digging the "Sporting Life" in Old New Orleans
by Eric A. Powell

Gods of Nemrut Dag
Giant stone deities litter a remote Turkish mountaintop.
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Chronicler of Ice Age Life
Author Jean Auel has slept in a snow cave and tanned buckskin in her quest to re-create the Paleolithic world.
by Blake Edgar

A Long Road Home
The remains of a WWII pilot found in the mountains of Papua New Guinea are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
by William Belcher

Journey of the Heart
A daughter's quest for her father, missing for more than half a century
by Patricia Gaffney-Ansel

Saga of Cleopatra's Needles
A century ago, moving 220-ton obelisks from Alexandria to London and New York was no mean feat.
by Bob Brier

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