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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 55 Number 5, September/October 2002

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Skulls Make Headlines Fossils found in Chad and the Republic of Georgia are raising questions about human evolution.
A Palaeolithic Work of Art Scientists are heralding a remarkably naturalistic 20,000-year-old bison figurine found near Moscow.
Banished Bats The roof of Cambodia's National Museum has been sealed so that bats can no longer roost there.
Another Surprise near Cahokia An unusual array of well-preserved artifacts has been found at the Grossmann site in southern Illinois.
Unrest in the Mundo Maya Politics threatened Maya hotspots this summer.
Gaulish Discovery A strange and hitherto unknown type of Gallic tomb was discovered at Gondole, near Clermond-Ferrand in central France.
Fiery Finds As firefighters relax after battling the largest wildfire in Arizona state history, archaeologists are beginning to survey sites impacted by the fire.
Britannia Rules... The British government has acted to protect the remains of an American ship that was once the scourge of the Royal Navy.
Dog Burial Down Under Skeletons of six dogs have been unearthed on the former grounds of a jail in Melbourne.
Buddha Gets a Makeover An ambitious restoration of the 1,280-year-old Great Buddha of Leshan is underway in western China's Sichuan Province.
Mammoth Banquet A rare find of Neandertal tools in association with mammoth bones was recently made at an ancient water hole in southern England.

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