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Table of Contents Volume 55 Number 5, September/October 2002

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In This Issue
Unholy Wars
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Muddy Waters
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Conversations: Master of the Sphinx
A reluctant student, Zahi Hawass is now Egypt's archaeological ambassador.

American Scene: Cherokee Holy of Holies
Archaeology as a peacemaker in a dispute over Native American Heritage
by Andrew Curry

On the Cover: Roman mosaic representing one of the four seasons, from the Villa Buc Ammera, east of Lepcis. Photo: Art Directors and Trip


Cover Story

To the Shores of Tripoli
Remarkably preserved Roman cities, lavish mosaics, and an absence of pestering trinket-mongers make Libya a compelling destination for archaeology buffs.
by Louis Werner



Legacy of the Crusades
The ruins of castles on hillsides throughout the Middle East are mute reminders of a bloody chapter in medieval history.
by Sandra Scham

Mexico's Wonder Plant
Scholars seek clues to the Prehispanic importance of the hearty maguey in Oaxaca's southern highlands.
by Gary M. Feinman, Linda M. Nicholas, and Helen R. Haines

A Painted Land
The rock canvasses of Australia's Aboriginal artists celebrate the beliefs of a people steeped in ancestor worship.
by Margaret Grove

Digging Napoleon's Dead
A mass grave in Lithuania is gruesome evidence of the catastrophic French retreat from Moscow.
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Woman the Toolmaker
A day in the life of an Ethiopian woman who scrapes hides the old-fashioned way
by Steven A. Brandt and Kathryn Weedman

The Other Pyramids
A tour of ancient Nubia where clusters of steep, topless "tombstones" punctuate a remote desert landscape
by Bob Brier

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