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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 55 Number 4, July/August 2002

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In Living Color The world's best-preserved example of painted classical sculpture has been unveiled following a three-year-long restoration.
110 and Counting... Egypt's 110th pyramid, possibly that of a wife of Djedefre, has been excavated.
Crime Pays A hoard of 670 fourth-century Roman coins, 56 of which are actually ancient forgeries, was found in Somerset, England.
Atlantis in Bolivia? A controversial search for "lost cities" in Bolivia will embark on the fourth phase of exploration this August.
Old Site, New Tricks Archaeologists have discovered a marble kouros at the Kerameikos cemetery outside Athens.
Baltic Mystery Wreck The Swedish navy has released footage of a spectacularly preserved eighteenth-century ship discovered during routine winter exercises in the Baltic Sea.
Etruscan Pompeii The largest Etruscan settlement ever found has been discovered in the Tuscan plain near Lake Accesa, Italy.
Dawn of the Domicile? A modest gravel rectangle unearthed in central Texas may be the earliest evidence for a man-made structure in North America.
Bronze-Age Venice Archaeologists working in Campania, Italy, have uncovered a 3,500-year-old settlement made up of small artificial islets.
Squeezing the Squatters Prosecutors began investigating Guillermo Cock's excavation in Peru after he revealed that money raised by residents to finance the dig was far greater than he originally reported.
Battle of the Bulge Two years after the Israel Antiquities Authority surveyed a bulge on the southern retaining wall of Jerusalem's, repair work has begun to prevent the partial collapse of the wall.

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