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Table of Contents Volume 55 Number 1, January/February 2002

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In This Issue
Images of Lower Manhattan
by Peter A. Young

From the President
The Need to Travel
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Letters from Troy

A surgeon's letters from Troy offer new insights into the character of Heinrich Schliemann.
by David A. Traill and Paul C. Appleton

On the Cover: An effigy pot from the Casas Grandes region depicts a shaman smoking a pipe to induce a trance for his flight to the spirit world. Photo by Brian Kanof.


Cover Story

Flight of the Shaman
Exquisite painted pots from the Casas Grandes region depict journeys to the spirit world.
by Christine S. VanPool



Beyond Ground Zero
Taking stock of Lower Manhattan's endangered heritage
by by Eric A. Powell

Pioneers of the Bajo
Jungle surveyors in Guatemala uncover the breadbasket of the Maya world.
by Tom Gidwitz

Digging the Fantastical
Medieval dumps yield the everyday items found in Hieronymus Bosch's enigmatic paintings. But what about that walking bagpipe?
by Theo Toebosch

Celtic Sacrifice
Grim deposits of butchered bones attest ritual slaughter by Galatians at Gordion.
by Jeremiah R. Dandoy, Page Selinsky, and Mary M. Voigt

Motel of the Mysteries
Urban archaeology in the nation's oldest city
by Jerald T. Milanich

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