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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 54 Number 6, November/December 2001

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Nurturing Neandertals A pathological human jaw found in France shows that early Neandertals cared for those who were incapacitated.
Archaeologists On Call A list has been compiled for the FBI of archaeologists willing to volunteer in the World Trade Center recovery effort.
Sherlock Holmes Canino Eagle, a "death investigation dog," worked over mass grave sites from Panama City to the Costa Rica border searching for human remains.
Quality Cargo Off the rugged coast of northwest Scotland, new finds are shedding light on the Spanish Armada's failed effort to conquer Britain.
All That Glitters... Peru's Museo de Oro has closed under intense academic and public scrutiny.
This Dung's For You Merryn Dineley, who brews beer using a Bronze Age recipe, was shocked to find that newpapers had reported that her beer was brewed with animal excrement.
Early Arctic Adventurers New evidence suggests that modern humans--or perhaps even Neandertals--were present in the Arctic about 22,000 years earlier than thought.
Gold Rush Wreck A mid-nineteenth-century sailing ship was recently found in waterfront landfill in San Francisco's financial district during foundation work for a new hotel.
Beach Party A.D. 503 Archaeologists have discovered evidence of "Dark Age" trading activities and feasting on the southwest coast of England.
Summer Sacrifice By analyzing soil, pollen, and animal remains from four kurgans, archaeologists have been able to reconstruct the annual life-cycle of Bronze Age nomadic herdsmen on the north Caucasus steppe.
The Acquisitive Curator A former curator at the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum has been convicted of pilfering the museum's ethnographic collection.
Towering Temple An Aztec shrine dating from the fifteenth century has been found some 14,000 feet up Mexico's tallest mountain.
Okie Patrimony Weedpatch Migrant Camp will soon be the site of a museum devoted to Okie history.
Boyhood Home Archaeologists using remote-sensing equipment have located the charred remains of the childhood home of James Madison.
Royal Tomb Robbery A Greek archaeologist taking government officials through the royal Macedonian tombs at Vergina discovered that at least seven marble figurines had been taken from the "tomb of Eurydice."
Cold Hard Cache An unassuming, 900-year-old village in Illinois has yielded an unprecedented cache of stone axheads.

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