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Table of Contents Volume 54 Number 6, November/December 2001

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In This Issue
Man's Inhumanity to Man
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Pharaoh on the Stand
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Letter from Israel
Who controls Jerusalem's holiest shrine?
by Sandra Scham

In Praise of Small Museum
by Christine Finn

On the Cover: A detail from a first-century A.D. wall painting of a banquet from Herculaneum. Photograph by Scala/Art Resource


Cover Story

When Gluttony Ruled!
Bones recovered from a Roman villa attest an age of culinary hedonism.
by Deborah Ruscillo

Savoring the Grape
For Romans, wine was the elixir of life, from cradle to grave.
by Stuart J. Fleming


Ice Man
Paul Mayewski reads the story of the Earth and its inhabitants in strands of frozen water.
by Steve Nadis

Fire Fight at Hembrillo Basin
Buffalo Soldiers hold their ground in a nighttime skirmish with the Apache.
by Karl W. Laumbach

Legacy in Stone
Sardinia's ubiquitous towers recall a time of fortified farmsteads.
by Robert H. Tykot

Swahili Ghost Town
The ruins of an East African city testify to the fusion of African and Arab influences that gave rise to a sophisticated indigenous culture.
by David West Reynolds

Ham Hocks on Your Cornflakes
Examining the role of food in African-American identity
by Mark Warner


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