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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 54 Number 4, July/August 2001

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Chariots of the Celts Exploration of a medieval manor complex in east Yorkshire has revealed an Iron Age chariot burial.
Attacking Malta's Past Some 60 megaliths at Mnajdra, a 5,000-year-old Neolithic temple complex on Malta, were toppled by vandals this past April.
Going to the Dogs The discovery of 21 guanaco figurines at a Hohokam village in Arizona has nearly doubled the known number of these enigmatic artifacts.
Georgia on My Mine A backhoe operator inadvertently dug up a cast-iron Confederate "torpedo" while excavating a trench for a pipeline.
Vintage Footage Recently discovered film footage of an excavation that took place more than 60 years ago is offering archaeologists a fascinating new look at the richest Anglo-Saxon ship burial ever discovered in Britain.
Armor Hoard The most important pieces of Roman armor to be discovered in Britain in almost 40 years were recently unearthed at Carlisle.
Moolah-la Three families who had their land expropriated by the French government following the sensational discovery of Chauvet Cave were recently awarded a total of $12 million.
Old Peru U. Construction workers extending the basement of Peru's Congressional Archive have come across the remains of the Western Hemisphere's first university.
The Rain in Rome Parts of Rome's 1,800-year-old Aurelian Wall have fallen victim to heavy rains.
DNA Round-Up Did modern humans coming out of Africa stick to themselves or get together with earlier humans, such as Homo erectus in Asia?
Machu Do about Nothing The Inka mountaintop site of Machu Picchu is not about to collapse, as reported by Japanese scientist Kyoji Sassa of Kyoto University.

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