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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 54 Number 2, March/April 2001

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Legacy of War World War I tunnels may be responsible for the structural failure of buildings in Nieuwpoort, Flanders.
Egyptian Toe Job Researchers have discovered what they believe to be the first known case of a prosthesis made for use during a person's lifetime.
Last Minute Monuments Will President Clinton's eleventh-hour use of the 1906 American Antiquities Act lead to a backlash against this venerable legislation?
Taíno Cave Art Under Siege Blasts from limestone mining operations near the Pomier Caves in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, continue to threaten 2,000-year-old rock art.
Corinth Loot Returned The FBI has handed over to Greek officials nearly 300 artifacts stolen from the Archaeology Museum in Corinth in April 1990.
Dam Shame Millions of people in central India may have to trade a rich archaeological heritage for electricity and drinking water.
Fate of the Titanic RMS Titanic Inc. claims that Titanic is deteriorating rapidly and that aggressive salvaging of artifacts must continue before the site disappears.
Celebrated Rock Art Ancient human figures painted in the Linton rock-shelter in South Africa have been incorporated in the country's new coat of arms.
Bad, Bad Boudicca The brutal tactics of barbarian queen Boudicca are being revealed by salvage excavations on the future site of a multiplex cinema in Colchester, England.
Seljuk Silver A hoard of 936 silver coins has been found during restoration work on a fourteenth-century Turkish bath in Seljuk, near Ephesus.
Shakespeare Slept Here Tree-ring dating and an ancient lease have proved that the house bought by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in 1930 is not Shakespeare's mother's childhood home.
Competing Claims on Buddha's Hometown Excavations at Tilaurakot in southern Nepal have reopened a longstanding debate about the true hometown of the Buddha.
Phallic Cult A phallic-shaped stalagmite and hundreds of fine ceramic vessels used in Illyrian drinking, feasting, and fertility rites have been discovered in Croatia.

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